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Adult Training

District Training Diary
How we support you
Meet the Team

Getting Started Online Training
First Aid Courses
Safety Policies & Risk Assessment Tools
Data Protection (GDPR), eLearning & Validation

Module Matrix (modules 1-38)
Adult's Personal File for Section Leaders (modules 1-38)
Adult's Personal File for Managers and Supporters
County Training PLP Courses

Leadership & Management Videos
A. Introduction to Leadership & Management for GSLs and ADCs
  1. Providing direction
  2. Working with people
  3. Achieving results
  4. Enabling change
  5. Using resources
  6. Managing time & personal skills
B. Introduction to Leadership & Management for Managers and Supporters
  1. Building Effective Teams: Video / Learning Guide (PDF)
  2. Dealing With Difficult Situations: Video / Learning Guide (PDF)
  3. Enabling Change: Video / Learning Guide (PDF)
  4. Keeping, Developing & Managing Volunteers: Video / Learning Guide (PDF)
  5. Planning for Growth: Video / Learning Guide (PDF)

Make a Difference: Be a Trustee
Exec and Trustee Training
Appointments Advisory Committee Members: A Guide

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