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10th Winchester Scout Group

Area Served: Fulflood, Hyde and parts of Weeke and the City Centre (the electoral Ward of St Paul)
Beavers: 2 Colonies (Opening Spring term, 2018 at 6.15pm on Wednesday; & 6pm on Thursday)
Cubs: To follow
Scouts: To follow

The 10th Winchester dates from Winchester's 1921 reorganisation and renumbering of Scout Groups. The 10th Winchester ran from 1921–1946 and again from 1951 to 1972 with its distinctive plain red necker. It was known as the St Thomas' Group and latterly as the St Thomas' and St Michael's Group. The 10th ceased to exist in 1972 when it merged with the 7th to form the current 8th Winchester.

But following new housing and new schools in the St Paul's ward, the local demand for Beaver places is so strong that the Group is reforming.

Any opening of new half Beaver Colonies by a revival of the 10th Winchester would relieve the waiting list pressures on the neighbouring 6th, 7th and 11th Scout Groups in Winchester City. Taken together these 3 Groups had Beaver waiting lists of 70 as at February 2017 – some 36% of the 192 District total.

In aggregate, the electoral wards of St Paul and and St Michael have youth year cohorts of 200 – 210. As a yardstick, if some 20% of young people want to be Scouts, then there is a need to provide at least 40 Scout places for each year cohort. The case for a revival of the 10th is therefore a strong one.

Any enquires should be addressed to the District Commissioner.