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10th Winchester Scout Group

Area Served: Fulflood, Hyde and parts of Weeke and the City Centre (the electoral Ward of St Paul)
Beavers: 2 Colonies (satellites of the 6th)
Cubs: To follow
Scouts: To follow

The opening of two new half Beaver Colonies at the 10th (each adding 4 x just 6 year olds at the beginning of every school term) will relieve the ‘waiting list’ pressure on neighbouring Scout Groups. These draw mainly on Western Primary and Westgate Lower School with their combined year cohorts of 120. Following new housing and new schools in the St Paul's ward, the local demand for Beaver places is so strong that the 10th is reforming. For its first year, the 10th Winchester (St Pauls) will be a satellite of the neighbouring 6th Winchester (Abbotts Barton).

The 10th Winchester dates from Winchester's 1921 reorganisation and renumbering of Scout Groups. The 10th Winchester ran from 1921–1946 and again from 1951 to 1972 with its distinctive plain red necker. It was known as the St Thomas' Group and latterly as the St Thomas' and St Michael's Group. The 10th ceased to exist in 1972 when it merged with the 7th to form the current 8th Winchester.

We are all volunteers with busy lives. But we give up valuable time to ensure great experiences for our children. No matter how busy you think you are, we need every parent to volunteer in some capacity. Everyone must participate and contribute to our community. You can find our roles – both uniform, non-uniform and support by clicking on the green ADULT LEADER TEAMS icon opposite. With so many of us involved – every other week or once a month - many hands make light work. This is how we achieve an enriching, fun and adventurous programme.

How to use these numbers: Focus on the Vacancies number. Then look to the Joining List number (those of joining age for that section registered ahead of you). It is better to APPLY to Scout Groups with high Vacancies and low Joining Lists. Use the Scout Group locator on the left to find the Groups closest to you by area. When you find the Group that best fits your needs, click the blue APPLY HERE icon to make your Registration of Interest (above left). Improve your chances of an offer by volunteering as a parent for an adult role. Some Groups may require this.

The closest Groups are the 6th & 12th (click on their neckers below).