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2nd Winchester Scout Group

Area Served: Twyford School
Beavers: To Follow
Cubs: 2 Cub Packs (opening April 2016)
Scouts: To Follow
Web Site: None

Discussions are underway with a view to re-establshing the 2nd, initially as Cub Packs for girls and boys aged 8-9.

Twyford School has had a long association with Scouting. This goes back to the 1930s when one of the masters, Major JC Bull was the Group Scout Leader.

Scouting is all about 'learning by doing' to help young people – girls and boys - reach their full potential through exciting and adventurous activities that follow the national Scout Programme.

The aim is to re-establish the Group with two half Cub Packs, each with an adult leadership team of 6. Leadership teams of 6 will create the needed flexibility that allows leaders to attend every other week. This is to help share the load and to provide flexibility given our busy parent and teacher lives. This is fun, easy and very rewarding for us as adults.

Parental and teacher involvement is the critical factor affecting the growth of the 2nd. This affects the number of places we can offer in Cubs for 8 - 10.5 year olds. In due course this will impact the 'moving on' of Cubs to Scout Troops for 10.5 – 13 year olds and also Beaver Colonies for 6 – 8 year olds.

The 2nd Cubs will start as satellite sections of an established Scout Group – the 9th Winchester (Colden Common) Scout Group. The aim is to grow the 2nd such that it becomes an independent and Sponsored Scout Group under POR Rule 3.14 by April 2017.

Between now and then we need to acquire our own Group Scout Leader (GSL) and Group Executive to make this happen. The Group Executive is the non-uniform side of Scouting that looks after governance and the general administration of the Group as Charity Trustees. This includes a Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary and other key roles.

We need teachers, parents and their friends to volunteer for both uniformed leader and Group Exec roles. Could this be you?

Any enquires should be addressed to the District Commissioner.