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Inclusivity & SEN

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Tracy Dique
ADC Additional Needs
Tracy Dique

Scouting for All

Scouting is an inclusive, values based movement and membership is open to all those who share our fundamental values.

The Equal Opportunities Policy outlines what we do to ensure the movement is open and accessible; and that people are treated equally and with respect. This policy is reflective of the ethos of Scouting, expressed by our fundamental values (integrity, care, co-operation, respect and belief) and our commitment to delivering Scouting for all.

By removing any real or perceived barriers to participation, we can ensure that even more young people can enjoy the adventure of Scouting and that Scouting will be as diverse as the communities in which we live.

More about our organizational commitment to inclusivity is available within our current strategy; Skills for Life (2018-2023).

For practical support to deliver inclusive Scouting please follow the links below to our online support and guidance;

The Scout Association’s Policy and approach

Reasonable adjustments
Working with parents/ carers

Inclusive language
Creating inclusive spaces
Inclusivity RAG Assessment

Making reasonable adjustments and adult volunteers
Training and on-going learning for adults
Specialist Advisers for Inclusion and Diversity

Scouts and Scope- supporting more disabled young people to access Scouting
Satellite SEN Sections

Section Support

Visual Resources
Mental health and emotional wellbeing
Age-range flexibility

Badges and awards
Language and communication
1:1 supporters

The Additional Needs Directory

The directory offers introductory information on a range of disabilities, additional needs and medical conditions. Guidance has been created in partnership with specialist, external organisations and is designed to give a basic insight in advance of discussions with a young persons’ parent/carer to explore how Scouting can meet a young persons' needs and support their full participation.


Sexual orientation
Gender Identity
Attending Pride events
FLAGS Scout Active Support Unit