Pinsent Campsite News page

Pinsent has been open since the latest lockdown was lifted in November with a number of groups holding their meetings in the relatively safe environment of the campsite. The systems put in place to keep the site Covid-safe have worked well and although there are a quite a lot of restrictions in place the young people have enjoyed the "freedom" of the space available. Firelighting, cooking and limited wide games have been the main activities taking place. Leaders and Parents have helped by embracing the restrictions to the full, thank you.

Because of the success of the systems in place and the fact that the site has been used much less than usual this year, it has been decided to open the site during January and February in 2021. Hopefully this will enable more groups to hold outdoor meetings in the next half-term. This is, of course, reliant on the Amber risk level continuing.

The site can be booked via the "Book Pinsent" page on this website.

Please remember that you will need to have a Risk Assessment for any activities you intend to run at Pinsent, duly approved by District.

Wishing you the best Christmas that you can have and for a back-to-normal 2021 from all the Pinsent Team.

December 2020