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Role Descriptions

Group Roles

Group Skills Instructor
Section Assistant
Assistant Beaver Leader
Beaver Leader
Assistant Cub Leader
Cub Leader
Assistant Scout Leader
Scout Leader
Group Scout Leader (GSL)
The Role of the GSL: An Introduction
Links between the Sections
GSL Volunteer Pack
GSL Search Pack
Group Chair
A Guide for the Group Chair
Group Secretary
A Guide for the Group Secretary
Group Treasurer
A Guide for the Group Treasurer
Group Executive Committee Member
Group Executive Committee Recruitment Resource
Accounting & Audit Requirements for Group
Group Active Support Manager
Group Executive Committee
POR Ch 3: The Scout Group
Integrated Sections

District Roles

District Commissioner
DC Search Pack
DC Volunteer Vacancy Pack
Youth Commissioner
Assistant District Commissioner, Beavers
ADC Beavers Good Practice
Assistant District Commissioner, Cubs
Assistant District Commissioner, Scouts
Assistant District Commissioner, International & Expeditions
Assistant District Commissioner, Adventurous Activities
Assistant District Commissioner, Additional Needs
Assistant District Commissioner, Growth & Development
District Network Commissioner
DSNC Essentials: A Guide, Induction & Support
ADC Volunteer Pack
Nights Away Adviser
District Chair
District Secretary
District Treasurer
District Executive Committee Member
District Executive Committee Recruitment Resource
Accounting & Audit Requirements for District
District Executive Committee
POR Ch 4: The Scout District
District Appointments Advisory Committee: A Guide
POR The Appointment Process
Local Training Manager
POR Ch 15: Complaints, Suspensions & Dismissals
Guidance on the Formal Suspension of Youth Members

Explorer Roles

What is a Young Spokesperson
Explorer Unit Assistant
Assistant Explorer Scout Leader
Explorer Scout Leader
Young Leaders – Information for Beaver, Cub & Scout Leaders
Working with Young Leaders in your Section
Young Leaders' Training Modules A-I
District Explorer Scout Commissioner (DESC)
DESC Volunteer Pack
District Explorer Scout Administrator (DESA)
A Guide for Explorer Scout Leaders
Explorer Scout Structure
Explorer Scout Finance
District Exec Support for the Explorer Section
Partnership Agreements
Partnership Agreements, Examples & Templates